Session 1

The adventure began in the middle of the white expanse.Matt a captain of the Monoros city guard has been, for the past month, escorting a group of prisoners back to the city for now unknown purposes. During the return trip the caravan encountered a strange beast that proved to be extremely difficult. The creature seemed to be a grotesque mixture of flesh and bark, with roots that traveled faster then the average human. Before the group even had time to respond accordingly all of the royal guards sent to accompany the group had been impaled, and the two guards assisting Matt had been killed as well. During the battle a strange black mist seeped out from the creature and engulfed the entire caravan including the prisoners calling them to fall unconscious. While at the time it looked bleak, the prisoners and the lone guard were contacted by a force they could not explain who promised to help them, but not before asking for a favor itself. The team did not have time to agree as a force was constantly trying to invade their minds, forcing them away from and simultaneously consuming the being that was talking to them. Fortunately the voice kept its promise and managed to severely cripple the beast in the physical world, giving the group a chance to fight back. While everyone made it out of the fight relatively unscathed, Serena the Moonborn paladin was cursed with half-death. After a brief introduction the group made camp, only to wake-up and find that the sand around some of the tents had been turned into glass, and the lizard beast that was pulling their carts was slightly burned on its back. After thinking about what caused these odd events the group decided to head towards Blight Town based on the wishes of a dishonored fighter.

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